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1. Pick your desired date for reservation

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Please click on the day you are interested, the color of the text will indicate 'the levels of availability' according to the legend shown.

2. Specify exact time & other details for your reservation.

Do not forget to indicate your mobile phone number. In the field "Notes" refers to how many people you want to book, if you want the outdoor area and if there are children and prams or strollers, so that we can assign you the place more 'suitable to your requirements.


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3. Things to know, before you make your reservation

The booking is not 'to be considered valid as long as you have received a confirmation email, if you want to be notified by phone, do not forget to tell us your cell num. and report it in the notes! We RECOMMEND THAT YOU MAKE A RESERVATION ONLINE WITHIN 36 HOURS. FOR SHORT-TERM RESERVATIONS CALL THE 010 542988

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