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The Restaurant HB will be pleased to welcome our little guests with our family facilities, such as a special children's menu, high chairs, bottle warming and even baby changing facilities.


In HB Zeitung (the German word for "newspaper") you will find everything about Bavarian World! The Newspaper is published every three months and you can find it in our Restaurant. Look inside!

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oktoberfest genova 2012

April 21st, 2005 – inauguration of the Hofbräuhaus Brewery Genoa!

Here follows the invitation prepared for the inauguration:
I think it has been more than ten years since, for the first time, I went to HB in Munich of Bavaria …
The brewery, with more than three thousand seats, enchanted me immediately … everywhere huge liter mugs clashed in loud toasts … the orchestra playing cheerful Bavarian marches … on the tables succulent pork knuckles and delicious white Munich sausages … the frantic waitresses with traditional skirts and six or seven heavy mugs in their hands … the beautiful Bavarian gentlemen in their Lederhosen, their trim mustaches, smoking their cigars, with their personal ceramic mug … and a jovial but full of pride expression… as to clearify … that this was their brewery … where everyone was welcome!
In those years Munich and HB … conquered my heart … and the hearts of my closest friends … and this is the reason why … any excuse was the right one to go back to Bavaria … in Munich … for a tasty lunch served with good beer … I cannot remember the number of my visits… sixteen … eighteen … twenty!?!?
However there was just one drawback …
… I was wondering …
Is going to Munich the only chance I have in order to drink a good beer and enjoy a succulent knuckles … !!!?
… moreover  …
Would not it be a good idea to try to open a beautiful Bavarian brewery … just the way I like it .. here in Genoa!?!
… alas, I already knew the answer …
And then … the whole thing has turned into madness … and just two years ago I decided to give up what I had built in over 10 years with my previous work (technical knowledge … business … and a certain stability) … to undertake this new crazy adventure …
After taking  this decision .. the only thing to do was … to roll up my sleeves … and try to realise it!
The challenge was not the easiest … inexperience … bureaucracy …incompetent workers… and other boring matters … made the climb steeper than expected … but … as who goes to the mountain knows… the wonderful satisfaction you feel … when you turn to the valley and see the distance you covered!!
thus … step by step … we created a quite accurate project… only one thing was missing perhaps the most important … what name could we give to the brewery !?!
The first name I thought of … was just the good old HB! but many immediately advise me against this choice … in fact … many other Bavarian breweries would be much more equipped to help me in my adventure …
but … HB is HB … and it had a sentimental value double than the others for me !

”HB is the Public Bavarian State Brewery – they told me – it would be uninterested and hardly it grants permits outside Germany” … in fact, unlike all other Monegasque brewery … HB has not other brewery out of Germany ….

but … well … it was worth a try … and after many visits … even by the general manager of the brewery … we got the so awaited name …

” Hofbräuhaus Genova “
The first HB in Europe outside Germany!!
And who would have thought of all this that night ten years ago ?!?
we are waiting for you on Thursday, April 21, 2005 at 21:00 …


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