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Here is the history of the legendary brewery „Hofbräu“ in Munich:

1589: Birth of the HB Brewery! It was founded by GuglielmoV, Duke of Bavaria;

The Beer was reserved only for Real; this is the reason of the crown in the logo!

1591: HB factory rises in the center of Munich.

1610: HB Beer is for everyone! From now the beer is no longer produced only for the Royal Family.

1614: The first strong-beer has been brewed; Maibock will be the name of this beer.

1828: HB opens its doors to the public! – This gave birth to the concept of“ cooking with beer.“

1844: The King ordered that the price of the HB has to be aligned to the one of other beers.

1930: The brewery HB passes to be from the Royal Brewery to the Brewery of the State of Bavaria.

1966: General renewal of the Brewery.

2005: Birth of the HB Brewery Genoa, the first in Europe not on German soil!

2009: The first official Oktoberfest in Italy has been organised in Genoa, in the main square of the city, Piazza della Vittoria.

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