Here is the history of the legendary brewery „Hofbräu“ in Munich:

1589: Birth of the HB Brewery! It was founded by GuglielmoV, Duke of Bavaria;

The Beer was reserved only for Real; this is the reason of the crown in the logo!

1591: HB factory rises in the center of Munich.

1610: HB Beer is for everyone! From now the beer is no longer produced only for the Royal Family.

1614: The first strong-beer has been brewed; Maibock will be the name of this beer.

1828: HB opens its doors to the public! – This gave birth to the concept of“ cooking with beer.“

1844: The King ordered that the price of the HB has to be aligned to the one of other beers.

1930: The brewery HB passes to be from the Royal Brewery to the Brewery of the State of Bavaria.

1966: General renewal of the Brewery.

2005: Birth of the HB Brewery Genoa, the first in Europe not on German soil!

2009: The first official Oktoberfest in Italy has been organised in Genoa, in the main square of the city, Piazza della Vittoria.


The cold store of Hofbräuhaus Genoa keeps the kegs at a constant temperature, day and night, keeping the product under optimum conditions and avoiding the massive introduction of carbon dioxide of traditional systems … the result is that the beer is more pleasant and …it does not bloat the stomach!

  The tapping of Bavarian beer is estimated in 3 shots to get a dense foam, high and dense; this is the reason why it takes more than 7 minutes to draw a good beer!


The foam: “a beer without foam is like a man without his head!” This Bavarian saying indicates the important role of the foam to avoid oxidation of the beer and keep it unchanged.

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